Texas Attorney General sues six school districts to block mask mandates

Published: Sep. 13, 2021 at 10:17 PM CDT
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DENISON, Texas (KXII) - Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton spoke to the Texoma Patriots group Monday.

Paxton’s office has filed a temporary restraining order against six school districts, including Sherman Independent School District, to lift their mask mandates while they pursue their case.

He says a timeline for a ruling on the injunction is up in the air.

“My job is to enforce the laws that are passed by the legislature,” Paxton said. “In this case, they passed the disaster act which gives the governor the authority to tell local governments they can’t make people wear a mask.”

Paxton says if they continue to defy the governor’s order he’s going to take the school board to court. They could face penalties, even jail time, because they’re not following the law.

Paxton says these lawsuits could make their way up to the Supreme Court where they would make the final ruling on whether the governor can stop local governments from requiring masks in school.

“Most likely we will get to the supreme court on the merits of the case and they will make a ruling as to whether the governor has the authority to require that local governments not have mask in school,” Paxton said. “That’s the law.”

Paxton said it’s not his decision whether people should wear masks or not, his job is to enforce the laws.

“I would not be surprised if there are more (lawsuits) to come,” Paxton said.

Honey Grove and Paris ISD’s are also on Paxton’s list but they have not been sued, yet.

Trenton ISD is also listed as having previously defied the mask mandate ban but the list indicates they are now in compliance.

Those temporary restraining orders were served to those six school districts in defiance Monday.

The Texas Education Agency says they will not enforce a mask mandate or a mask mandate ban until all the legal battles are over.

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