Ardmore police and fire departments participate in 9/11 stair climb

Published: Sep. 11, 2021 at 2:26 PM CDT
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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - 20 years ago today New York City first responders climbed 110 flights of stairs in the World Trade Center in an attempt to save lives. Today members of the Ardmore police and fire departments came together to simulate their experience.

Around 340 fire fighters and 70 police officers perished in the towers on that day.

Their sacrifice inspired people across the country to dedicate their life to serving others.

“I wanted to join the military, I joined the marine corps and that’s definitely one of the reasons why I joined the marine corps,” said Ardmore police officer Dylan Davis.

“It was part of my inspiration to become a firefighter seeing the ultimate sacrifice those guys made” said Ardmore fire fighter Kelton Kelch.

On this 20th anniversary the two departments climbed 110 flights worth of stairs inside First Bank, Ardmore’s tallest building.

Step after step after step the group climbed the 6 flights of stairs 19 times.

“It’s nothing compared to what those guys had to do on that day,” said Kelch. “We’re climbing just our structure gear and our STBA bottle but they were going to have to climb that hundred stories to fight fires.”

Large 9/11 stair climbs are held in cities across the country every year. While many who participated today have been a part of those in the past, there was something special about doing one at home.

“I was considering going back to the city but I really jumped at the opportunity to do this here in our hometown,” Kelch said.

It’s rare that you would find members of the police and fire department spending their day off with one another.

However the opportunity to come together and honor the fallen heroes that came before is one they were happy to take advantage of.

“That’s what its all about its a brotherhood,” said Kelch. “Getting a group of guys that have the same fire and passion for something that you do.”

“We’re here today as one to remember everything,” Davis said. “To show that 9/11 is never going to be forgotten its always going to be here. Even 20 years later. So we’re definitely doing it in remembrance as one.”

It took the group a little over an hour to complete their climb and when they were finished they were exhausted but they all agreed they’d be back next year.

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