Four arrested so far from illegal marijuana grow farm in Carter County

Updated: Jun. 18, 2021 at 6:38 PM CDT
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GENE AUTRY, Okla. (KXII) - Four men were arrested near Smokey Ridge Road and Gene Autry Road yesterday during an illegal marijuana grow bust.

The joint operation included the Dept. of Homeland Security, National Parks Service, Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Ardmore, Sulphur and Moore police departments, Carter, Love and Murray sheriff’s offices, the Southern Oklahoma Ambulance Service, Murray County EMS, and Ardmore and Gene Autry fire departments.

Carter County Sheriff Christ Bryant said they found over twenty seven thousand weed plants Thursday morning growing at a facility near Gene Autry Road and Smokey Ridge Road.

“The four people that were arrested were living up in the main house, so they had beds and everything else,” Bryant said.

Bryant said the workers seemed to be there at their own will.

“I do know that from talking to some yesterday through a translator, that big promises had been made, a lot of promises had been made,” Bryant said. “Better life, more money, all of that and they just needed to do this and one thing led to another.”

But their living conditions were horrible.

“About 45 total workers were sleeping on 2x4 bed frames with plywood mats,” Bryant said. “A lot of them had no running water.”

Bryant said the investigation into the operation began two months ago- this bust is just one of many in Oklahoma.

“Illegal operations are popping up,” Bryant said. “They have to pay their licenses and meet all the criteria and then this kind of stuff would not happen.”

KXII visited the farm to see what was left, and several remaining workers threatened to call the police.

Wen Huang, Zheni Huang, Chao Li, and Bo Lin were arrested and taken to the Carter County Jail for growing weed illegally, having money from selling it, and owning guns while committing a felony.

OBN said the street value of the weed seized is $50 million.

Bryant said if the owners had paid the $5,000 license fee, the raid wouldn’t have happened.

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