Experts say recent rain is recipe for mosquitoes

Updated: Jun. 1, 2021 at 6:57 PM CDT
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - Thanks to all the rain we’ve had lately, health experts are bracing for an above average West Nile season.

That’s because with the rain, comes mosquitoes. Bug experts consider them the deadliest animal.

Mosquitoes begin their life cycle by laying eggs in stagnant water, which we have plenty of, thanks to the recent rain.

“Chances for mosquitoes are higher, and the numbers are going to be a lot higher. So you may see them in places that you’ve never seen them before” said Texas A&M Entomologist Dr. Sonja Swiger.

Dr. Swiger says they’re anticipating a lot more mosquitoes this year, and while mosquitos can’t carry the virus that causes COVID-19, they do carry other diseases like West Nile.

“In a normal year, you get standing water every now and again and it dries up and goes away, but right now it’s just still there,” Swiger said.

“There’s mosquitoes that get in the pool sometimes. They lay their eggs in there, and when we dump it out it creates a a little pond of them,” said Chase Mathre. “Sometimes they hatch, and then sometimes they don’t but it makes them really bad, then there’s like a million.”

Experts say they don’t know how bad this season will be, but you can do your part now to prevent mosquitoes from spreading disease by dumping out any pools of water, mowing your lawn short and wearing bug repellent.

“They’re growing in numbers, but I don’t see them out on the water as much. I see a lot of gnats but not so much mosquitoes,” said Maylay.

“Every place could be hosting them, housing them, and until it all dries up we don’t know how bad this is going to get” said Swiger

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