Allergists say this allergy season is worse than usual

Updated: May. 10, 2021 at 6:34 PM CDT
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - Spring is upon us and allergists are seeing patients for trouble with seasonal allergies. Why you may find yourself sneezing more when you step outside.

“They can be very frustrating from a day-to-day interaction standpoint. Many people it can progress to respiratory flares and that can complicate asthma symptoms,” said Dr. Joann Lin, North Texas allergist.

Lin says this year has been the perfect storm for seasonal allergies.

“With the freeze and the plants kind of waking up again the tree season has really been much more prolonged and now there’s an overlap with the grass season starting. So we’re getting kind of a double whammy,” said Lin.

She and Dr. Richard Page, another North Texas allergist, say the change in weather has made this year’s allergy season more severe than usual.

“People know we’ve had rather unusual weather this winter besides the freeze that we had in February. We’ve had a lot of cloudy weather,” said Page.

Page says researching weather conditions and pollen counts can help determine whether you should stay indoors if possible.

“I just checked with a patient earlier today and compared to other years, we’re normally in a very busy grass season right now and the grass counts are much, much lower than what we normally have,” said Page.

Recent grass and fungus counts are high, but some tree counts remain moderate including Cottonwood, which Page says is unusual.

“I had a patient who came in today, said he’s having allergy problems and grass doesn’t normally bother him. And I looked at the counts this year and we had cottonwood out this year, the past 4-5 days a lot of Cottonwood,” said Page.

They say to try different over-the-counter treatments to find what works best for your allergies, consider allergy injections and see a board certified allergist for help.

“Get a better plan of what to do in the future with subsequent yearly exposures to Mother Nature,” said Lin.

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